About Us.

Jelly Fish Lures are not a mass produced fishing product. Every lure and fishing component is 100% handmade in Australia for Australian fishing conditions.


All fishing components are manufactured from high quality materials. Jelly Fish Lures are made from a durable ‘Salt Water’ plastic formula, making the lures extra-strong to survive the punishment that some fish can dish out.


Jelly Fish Lures also use well known and respected brands like Mustad, Gamakatsu and Eagle Claw brand hooks.  Each item has been tested for production quality, durability and most of all, the ability to catch fish in both fresh and saltwater conditions.


We are committed to providing high quality lures and keeping in front of new technology and advancements in lure making.  Our new UV range is evidence of that and we will be constantly adding to our range as we take into consideration new tests, new studies & of course our valuable customer feedback.


If there is a style, quantity, colour or size of lure you need, please feel free contact us and Jelly Fish Lures will do our utmost to fulfill your request.