"Potent Series" Potent Gold Crayfish - 4 per pk

"Potent Series" Potent Gold Crayfish - 4 per pk

Our crayfish are specially designed to be rigged so they swim backwards with claws in a defensive stance to simulate a natural crayfish/yabbie.  Also has a special hook slot to enable weedless rigging.
These dynamic golden sheen coloured crays with black glitter flake and clear claws are infused with UV to create an irresistible lure and are the best colour choice for allowing blending with the background as crayfish do - these are our most natural looking once in the water. Please note due to the injection process, each crayfish may have different intensity of colour as we've shown in the picture. Ideal for most estuarine species, such as Trevally, Flathead, Jewfish and also freshwater species such as Australian Bass and Golden Perch.

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