Jerry's Frog - Variations  3.5"  UV - 2 per pk

Jerry's Frog - Variations 3.5" UV - 2 per pk

Our frogs are specially designed to be rigged weedless with a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG hook. 
These natural looking greenish brown coloured frogs with green glitter flake and salt/pepper coloured bellies are our most natural yet and infused with UV to create an irresistible lure, perfect for early morning fishing for Barramundi, Australian Bass, Saratoga, Murray & Mary River Cod.
Named in honour of our good friend Jerry Van Sickle who's generous and kindly given, vast fishing knowledge has proven invaluable to our business. Love your work Jerry and may our wonderful friendship & association continue for many years! :-)
We can make these with different variations such as Glow in the Dark Legs, white bellies, laminated etc. Please specify what you'd prefer when ordering.