Jelly All Sorts Gift Pack with Dizzy Scents!

Jelly All Sorts Gift Pack with Dizzy Scents!

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Like our range but can't decide?  Want to give someone a present but don't know what they'll like?  How about one of our beautifully packaged gift packs.  
Personally selected lures from our most popular colours together with a sample stack of "Dizzy Scents" (see details for description) for that added irresistible attraction all packaged together and beautifully presented. A good all purpose pack for most fishing purposes.
In addition, if you would like us to create your own personally selected pack from any of our huge range of lures, just ask - we'd be pleased to help you customise your pack to suit any purpose.
These packs will be $25 after Christmas but for a limited time only $20 - What a great Christmas present for your fish loving friends (or yourself!!).
  • Details

    Now you can try out ALL four of the Dizzy Scent UV Double shot range in a handy stack. The four jars screw together so they are quick and easy to grab and use!

    The stack consists of 4 x 3Ml Jars, one from each of the UV double shot range!

    GHOST : Has the affect of UV and the scent of the natural ingredients used.

    CLF : ( YELLOW ) As per Ghost with the added benefit of colour

    GARLIC : ( GREEN ) Has a added garlic scent and colour

    ANISEED : ( RED ) Has a added aniseed scent and colour

    All of our scents in the UV double shot range have glitter added for that extra advantage of glimmer / shine to help catch the fishs eye.