We are proud to offer these Dizzy Scents sample stack as an added attractant for our irresistible lures - you can't go wrong!  Dizzy Scents is a quality product that has been around fishing circles for many years and with good reason - they work!
These sample stacks include all of the Dizzy Scent UV Double shot range in a handy stack. The four jars screw together so they are quick and easy to grab and use!

The stack consists of 4 x 3Ml Jars, one from each of the UV double shot range!

GHOST : ( CREAM COLOUR ) Has the advantage of containing a UV addative, very effective fish feeding stimulant and the natural scent of the ingredients used.

CLF : ( YELLOW ) As per Ghost with the added benefit of colour.

GARLIC : ( GREEN ) Has a added garlic scent and colour.

ANISEED : ( RED ) Has a added aniseed scent and colour.

All of these scents in the UV double shot range have glitter added for that extra advantage of glimmer / shine to help catch the fishs eye.