Snagless Flipping Jigs

Our Snagless Flipping Jigs have been developed specifically to target those more inaccessible areas such as heavily wooded areas or mangroves.  These powdercoated, skirted jigs have a stiff weed guard to minimise snags (and therefore loss of your valuable lure!) and come with two chunk baits to be threaded onto the hook to simulate crayfish claws.  Skirt imitates crayfish legs and tentacles.  These lures have been especially designed to enable fishing in the more inaccessible areas where other lures would snag.  Available in your choice of skirt colour....choose dark coloured skirts & chunk baits to achieve a sharp silhouette of a bait or lighter coloured skirt & chunk bait for greater visibility in clearer water.  And if you want total advantage, try adding one of our new UV infused chunk baits to ensure utmost visibility to the fish in the darker, deeper or murkier waters.
Ideal for Australian Bass, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack etc.